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What makes us different?


Our firm is different thanks to two factors that guarantee the highest quality in our services: Our staff and our work philosophy. Quiñones Cruz Abogados is premised on a combination of a highly qualified staff and the experience and leadership of a group of committed Partners, all of whom possess the highest academic and professional distinctions. All of our Partners have extensive experience in different facets of Tax Law and in other disciplines, have PhDs in Tax Law from world-class universities, or are in the process of obtaining them, and teach Tax Law in graduate-level courses in Colombia and abroad. Likewise, staff members enjoy a high degree of academic recognition and actively participate in international institutions and conferences.

As a result of the high quality of our professionals, clients turn to QC to handle complex corporate tax litigation or highly complex projects, knowing that the Firm commits itself to guaranteeing that that at least one of the Partners will be directly involved in each project or case. This explains why the company is known for litigating landmark, pioneering cases, in which new precedents are established, in constitutional tax law cases, in tax arbitration and in transfer pricing cases, and why QC is hired to carry out technical studies by government authorities and multilateral organizations.

QC is known in the market for its strength in litigation. Its unique approach to dealing with tax controversies means that it can boast a market-leading historical success rate of more than 90% in sums under discussion, since 1978. Over the last year alone, QC won over 30 complex tax controversies in court.

QC is particularly renowned for litigating three types of highly-technical controversies: Constitutional tax law (one of the Founding Partners was a co-judge of the Constitutional Court and is a co-judge of the Council of State and two of the partners teach constitutional tax law at a graduate level), sub-national taxation (having written his PhD thesis on the subject and dealt with this area for 40 years, one of the Partners is the country’s foremost authority in the main sub-national tax, the ICA tax), and transfer pricing (one of the Partners was Colombia’s tax treaty negotiator and the Country’s representative for technical tax matters at the OECD).

Additionally, QC specialises in dealing with complex corporate tax litigation, having successfully defended MNCs and large local companies in some of the biggest cases in the country, including several with nine and ten figure (USD) sums under discussion.

QC is also well known for its strength in tax policy advisory, an area for which the firm has received international awards in the past. The firm frequently advises public authorities, including the central government, as well as multilateral organisations, private clients, and trade associations in relation to introducing tax policy changes and analysing existing rules.

The Founding Partners’ expertise and having participated in most of the country’s tax reforms for the past 30 years and their technical acumen in relation to constitutional tax law (LCDQ) and local taxation (AQM) is combined with the fact that one of the Partners, Diego Quiñones, is also a Political Scientist who teaches tax policy at a graduate level, worked as a political consultant prior to dedicating himself to tax law, and has completed a Doctorate in Law at the University of Oxford, which focused on different aspects of corporate tax policy.