Fabian Alberto Marulanda

Associate since 2013

Fabián Marulanda has performed in his position with a focus on tax procedural law. To achieve this, he has exercised control in judicial headquarters and in administrative offices of the tax contentious processes in administrative courts as well as in the High Courts (Council of State- Constitutional Court – Supreme Court of Justice); additionally, he is prepared to handle the management archive and the historical archive of the Firm, as well as the Quiñones Cruz Abogados S.A.S. Legal Library.

Areas of specialization: Procedural law and taxes

Education: University la Gran Colombia (Lawyer 2015). Tecnólogo en sistemas de Información y Documentación.

Professional Experience:
Edgar Nieto y Asociados (management archive assitant) 3 years.
Eduardo Laverde Toscano (Assistant Legal-Archive) 7 years, Quiñones Cruz Abogados S.A.S. (Lawyer 2015).